Silver Jewellery Care


Silver jewellery tarnishes naturally over time this is called oxidation. Body lotions, fake tan and such can speed up the time that oxidation occurs. For best results on cleaning silver jewellery without stones we recommend cleaning your jewellery by soaking it in hand hot water in a foil tray with a heaped tablespoon of bicarbonate soda for half an hour to then use lukewarm soapy water then rinse with clear water then dry and polish it with a microfibre cloth.

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Precious & Semi-Precious Gems


Jewellery with precious and semi-precious gemstones can also be placed in lukewarm soapy water and dried using a microfibre cloth which is better for drying and polishing as it is less abrasive. Heavier tarnished jewellery can be left to soak for a while in the soapy water before brushing, drying and polishing with a clean microfibre cloth.

Storing Jewellery

The best way to protect your jewellery from scratching, tarnishing and getting tangled up with other items is to store them in their boxes when you are not wearing them. Hanging and storing chains with their fasteners closed will prevent them from knotting together and getting tied around your other jewellery. Storing them all in a heap in a jewellery box is the fastest way to scratch the silver and gems and tangle chains. Sterling silver jewellery will last a lifetime if you look after it.